Vol. 3 No. 2 (2022): WAWASAN: Jurnal Kediklatan Balai Diklat Keagamaan Jakarta

Wawasan Volume 3 No 2 tahun 2022

WAWASAN: Jurnal Kediklatan Balai Diklat Keagamaan Jakarta (p-ISSN: 2548-9232, e-ISSN: 2775-3573) is a periodical scientific journal managed by Balai Diklat Keagamaan Jakarta, Badan Litbang dan Diklat - Ministry of Religious Affairs of The Republic of Indonesia. The journal disseminates research and study on Training and Development, Administration and Management, Religious Affairs, Education and Teaching, and ICT in Training and Education. It covers research-based papers, literature reviews, or scientific articles related to the issues.
This journal has been published since 2018 in the printed version. In 2020 began to publish in electronic versions. It is published twice a year (May and October). The articles published were selected and academically examined by at least two peer reviewers who have mastered the scientific field on the topic. The citations and bibliography are guided by APA-Style. Articles published have a unique DOI number and are indexed in Dimension, Google Scholar, and Moraref. This journal allows readers to read, download, distribute, print, quote, and do other lawful purposes.
In this issue of Volume 3 Number 2, WAWASAN publishes nine articles. The articles address issues of training, education, Religion, Religious moderation, and Gender equality. In the case of training, Musyaddad presents a research finding in the National Insight training strategy. Maryani, Nani Solihati, Imam Syafii, Erdawati, and Halimatussa'diyah present education action research (PTK) in Bahasa Indonesian, Biology, and English. In addition, Ujang Hamdani presented a literature review on the Effectiveness of Ethics Education for ASN.
In the issue of Religious affairs, Iwan Setiadi, Nurmala, and Septiana Zahara Rizka present studies on the use of temples as places of worship. Meanwhile, Susana Aditiya Wangsanata, Sariyani, and Soim Hasani reviewed religious moderation and terrorism in elementary education. The Yasinan Tradition Reception at the Padang Mat Village Market, West Kalimantan, reviewed by Muhafizah and M. Riyan Hidayat. The last article describes Gender Equality for developing national civilization in Islamic Boarding Schools.
Wawasan is currently preparing for accreditation in 2023. For this reason, Wawasan is improving various components according to predetermined criteria.

Published: 2022-12-31